We’re The Top Lice Clinic In Arlington County For a Reason

Our Arlington, WA lice clinic uses the revolutionary AirAllé device (similar to a hair dryer) which blows heated air through its applicator tip along the scalp and hair shafts at a higher flow (but cooler temperature). We offer a traditional comb out when the AirAllé treatment is contraindicated.


This premium AirAllé treatment using our exclusive, FDA-cleared medical device is what we are known for! Our signature AirAllé treatment is a 30-minute heated-air treatment followed by a professional comb-out performed at our lice clinic in Snohomish. We finish this signature treatment with an application of a specially formulated topical rinse. Depending on the length of hair, our in clinic treatments can take as little as an hour. If you choose this treatment option, we guarantee you will leave our clinic lice-free. 

No need for more appointments or follow ups. No hidden fees.

We are so confident in our exclusive, full-service in clinic lice removal treatment that we guarantee it. This full service treatment is 100% guaranteed, as long as each individual in the household is screened at our lice clinic.


For those who want the professional heated-air treatment but are more budget-minded and feel they can perform the comb-out procedure at home by themselves, this treatment option was designed for you. We do a complete and treatment using the AirAllé device to kill the lice and their eggs and apply a dimethicone rinse at our clinic in Snohomish. The remainder of the process, including the comb-out is completed by you at your home. Since the success of this option ultimately depends on how well the comb-out is performed, we don’t guarantee this option.


Our most basic in clinic lice removal treatment option. Under this option, our lice removal professionals will do a thorough comb-out in our lice clinic. Duration of this treatment option depends on length of hair and infestation level. Because we don’t use our signature AirAllé device, we don’t guarantee this treatment to completely kill and remove all lice and eggs and further treatment may be needed.

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